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According to the daily offer 0,25 l 39,-
Garlic soup with croutons and cheese 0,25 l 45,-
Něco k pivu
Pickled Camembert cheese 1 pcs 74,-
Pickled sausage 1 pcs 52,-
Domestic brawn with onion and vinegar 100 g 64,-
Sausage on plate with mustard and horseradish 1 pcs 82,-
Cheese platter 109,-
Meat platter 134,-
Mix platter 124,-
Homemade smoked meat with horseradish and apples 100 g 99,-
Greaves spread 70 g 52,-
Fried bread with spicy meat mix 2 pcs 85,-
Salad caprese with fresh basil and pesto 100 g 99,-
Roastbeef with garlic mayo and roasted bread 120 g 129,-
Main Dishes
Grilled chicken breast with blue cheese sauce, potatoes, bacon chips 200 g 195,-
Spicy chicken wings with garlic sauce, baked goods 6 pcs 170,-
Chicken fried steak with boiled potatoes and cabbage salad 189,-
High pork steak, baked with bacon and cheese, garlic dip, chopped potatoes 200 g 199,-
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes 200 g 239,-
Pork steak fried on ointments, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad 200 g 179,-
Beef burger with bacon and cheese (spicy/classic) with homemade bun, french fries 200 g 239,-
Roasted pork knee with dark beer sauce (min. waiting time 40 minutes) 1,4 kg 299,-
Pork ribs with horseradish and mustard, bread 700 g 239,-
Meat platter “krčma” for 2 person ( ribs, roastbeef, chicken wings), horseradish, mustard, garlic sauce 800 g 399,-
Beef steak from matured sirloin, sauce of green pepper, roasted potatoes 200 g 289,-
Tartar steak with toasts 100 g 179,-
200 g 254,-
300 g 324,-
Fried cheese, french fries, tartar sauce 150 g 179,-
Fried camembert with boiled potatoes and tartar saucea 169,-
Spaghetti aglio olio (Simple Italian dish of garlic, olive oil, parsley, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese) 300 g 139,-
Spaghetti Carbonara (Italian pasta dish made with eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper) 300 g 159,-
Gnocchi with chicken meat and spinach 300 g 169,-
Česká klasika
Beef Goulash (beef cooked with onion and spices, red pepper & marjoram) with dumplings 200 g 199,-
Roast Pork with sour cabbage and dumplings 200 g 169,-
Smoked pork with spinach and potato dumplings 200 g 189,-
"Peasant plate" (Smoked pork, roast Pork, sausage, cabbage, dumpling mix) 250 g 219,-
Potato dumplings with smoked pork filling, cabbage, roasted onion 150 g 169,-
Caesar salad with chicken meat, croutons, parmesan 300 g 199,-
Vegetables salad with honey-mustard dressing and grilled camembert 1 pcs 189,-
Pancakes with fruit and ice cream 1 pcs 85,-
Hot raspberries with ice cream 85,-
Homemade strudel with whipped cream 52,-
1 scoop of ice-cream 30,-
Side dishes
French fries 200g 55,-
Rice 200g 45,-
Roasted potatoes 200g 45,-
Boiled potatoes 200g 45,-
Mashed potatoes 200g 45,-
Steamed dumplings 5 ks 45,-
Potato dumplings 5 ks 45,-
Grilled vegetables 200g 60,-